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//Author:    Max Howell <max.howell@methylblue.com>, (C) 2003-4
//Copyright: See COPYING file that comes with this distribution

#ifndef BUILDER_H
#define BUILDER_H

#include "radialMap.h"   //Segment, defines

template <class T> class Chain;
class Directory;

namespace RadialMap
    class Map;

    //temporary class that builds the Map signature

    class Builder
        Builder( Map*, const Directory* const, bool fast=false );

        void findVisibleDepth( const Directory* const dir, const uint=0 );
        void setLimits( const uint& );
        bool build( const Directory* const, const uint=0, uint=0, const uint=5760 );

        Map             *m_map;
        const Directory* const m_root;
        const uint       m_minSize;
        uint            *m_depth;
        Chain<Segment>  *m_signature;
        uint            *m_limits;


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